Here at Tabandy Farm we are always looking for exciting and challenging projects.

Our main aim at Tabandy Farm is to constantly improve our quality of product and service. This is something that we are always aware of.
Another important fact is that our animals are always cared for properly and are always healthy and happy. We try to accommodate as many rescued, unwanted and preloved sheep as we can before we reproduce any of our own.
A passion of Tabitha’s is to promote other local wools and particularly rare breeds of sheep and other types of fibre animals. She now buys local small wool clips from other farmers, invests in these by value-adding for a particular market and then promotes them with her passion.
Tabandy Farm believes there is a wool or fibre for every type of project or use. We just need to discover the use to bring out the best of that particular fibres

Spreading the word

Over the years, Tabitha has increased awareness of fibre-use by giving many talks at clubs such as View and Evening View, different garden clubs, Probus, CWA and by presenting at local Agricultural Societies.

Local Markets and Festivals have been another avenue that Tabandy Farm has pursued for many years now. This all has lead interest to greater areas of exposure in media such as papers, radio and now Television, where Tabitha and Tabandy Farm have featured in River Cottage Australia in every Series. ABC Open have also featured Tabandy Farm in there Promotional support of Local Artisans and Small Businesses.
A near future project that Tabitha is working on is establishing a small wool co-operative. Encouraging other small farmers to invest in value-adding their own wool/fibre and then together as a stronger entity to go forth and market local high quality product.
Tabitha is a board member and Licencee of The Australian Fibre Collective. A new Australian Trademark identifying 100% Australian Grown and Manufactured fibre. (Insert Link)

In the Media

Tabitha and Tabandy Farm have been regulars on the TV series River Cottage Australia since it began production.

Tabitha is even Paul West's official 'chook show mentor'.

Check out some of the behind the scenes action at the Bega Poultry Show.

Tabandy Farm has provided camel pooh and herbs for Paul's garden as well as advice on animal husbandry, sustainability and especially chooks!

River Cottage Australia recently produced this video for Tabandy Farm, about the process of creating her beautiful fibres and wearables from start to finish, as well as the wonderful Candelo Markets.

Tabandy Farm has its own YouTube Channel, discover felting techniques and woolly information.

ABC Radio's Ian Campbell interviews Tabitha at the SCPA Markets, Bega HERE promoting local producers, artisans and small businesses.