Our Story

“Approximately 12 years ago, 5 rogue sheep were purchased and picked up from a remote Upper Brogo sheep farm. They had come home from being chased up into the mountains by wild dogs and the farmer had had enough. I made a frantic dash in my ute to pick them up as they were so cheap. It was too good an opportunity to finally have some home grown wool for spinning again. Having squashed the 5 fully grown Perendale Sheep into the ute’s canopy, my son and I were quite a sight as we made our way home to Candelo, one and a half hours south.”

Tabitha B-Zarins.

That’s how it all started and now Tabitha and Andy Zarins run a mixed flock of around 60 unwanted, rescued and pre-loved sheep and goats at Tabandy Farm, Candelo NSW.

The different breeds include the Perendale offspring of the original 5, Merino, Border Leicester, Suffolk, Black, Coloured and a bit of this and that!

This is what gives Tabandy Farm Wool Tops a unique character. The wool tops include all of the following in White and Natural Grey mottled tops. The loft of the Perendale and Suffolk breeds give structural qualities for millinery and the elasticity in yarn. Border Leicester and Lincoln long wools give lustre, strength and vibrant dyeing properties. The black and coloured sheep are from white Merino flocks and they’re collected to preserve their beautiful dark fine Merino wool. Finally the White Merino sheep is soft and luxurious, great for the soft handle and drape needed in felted garments and finer knitwear.

Tabandy Farm is passionate about connecting the right wool for the right product outcome. There are so many different wools and fibres and all of these have a purpose and use. We are now buying, promoting and/or encouraging other farmers to invest in their own fibre so we can rebuild a strong Australian Wool Industry once again.

Tabitha is a board member and Licencee of The Australian Fibre Collective. A new Australian Trademark identifying 100% Australian Grown and Manufactured fibre.
Tabitha is a qualified horticulturist and calls herself an entrepreneur. Her work also includes teaching as an invited Artist in residence in schools from pre-school to high school. Tabandy has held teacher development days and hosted excursions on their farm.

The small flock and land is managed as a Holistic Management holding, incorporating sustainable environmental land use & management practices.

Tabandy Farm is located in the ‘Magic Valley’ of Candelo on the Far South Coast of NSW. It is approximately 100 acres of rolling hills with a permanent meandering creek running through the middle.

Tabitha, Andy Zarins and their three children call the farm home.

Tabitha is a qualified horticulturist and Landscape Designer who also many years ago dabbled in Fashion Design and Technology.

There are many other beloved creatures that make Tabandy Farm their home such as rare breeds of chooks and geese, peacocks, donkeys, cows and camels! Camel fibre is plucked yearly from their three spoilt and very friendly camels.

Pursuing her two loves of the land, nature and fashion, Tabitha decided to start a small on-farm based business in value-adding wool and fibre for spinners, felters and craftspeople alike. Tabitha also spins and felts her own wool into beautiful art wearables and millinery.

Tabandy Farm attends major wool events including the Old Bus Depot Markets in Canberra where she hosts fun felting workshops.

Both Tabitha and Andy love playing music and they perform together on a regular basis.

Tabandy Farm can be found at Big Events including:

Workshops in Spinning and felting available. Contact for details.

For more information please contact us.